Established in 1949, the EM-F, the French branch of the European Movement International, aims to develop the French people’s “consciousness of Europe and of the common destiny of the people that compose it”.

It is an association that brings together men, women, and associations, regardless of political affiliation, who wish to commit to European construction with a federalist perspective EM-F is present throughout the French territory, through over 40 local sections that act as relay to the action of the EM-F.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • Provide a forum for pluralistic and open debate;
  • Help develop a sense of belonging to the European Union;
  • Reflect on some political or European issues;
  • Develop and strengthen links with the corporate world;
  • Being a platform for meetings, exchanges and actions in connection with associations and other organisations interested in European issues
Main Activities
  • EM-F holds regular conferences, seminars, cycles of debates on European themes in Paris. It is a permanent place for exchange and meetings for European activists
  • Autumn School: working meeting, conducive to friendly exchanges and debate with experts and politicians around topical European issues
  • Organisation of thematic working groups (Energy / Climate, Regional Policy, Election 2012, Gender Equality, Health / Medical-Social)
  • Since 2007, with Europanova and Notre Europe it organises the States General of Europe, a place for meeting and debate for civil society
  • Educational programs, conducted primarily in schools – particularly in priority education zones, technological or vocational schools.
  • Publication of analysis on European issues
  • Newsletters, press releases, popularisation of the news on Europe

Type of activities:

  • organisation of meetings and debates
  • dissemination of information and analysis on the EU
  • coordination of the French network and participation to the EMI activities
  • educational actions in schools
  • Membership fees
  • partnerships with the private sector
  • donations
Finance and Main Partners

Important network both at national/local and international levels
Active for the for the rapprochement of Europe and its citizens through programs in schools, conferences and debates, dissemination of information on Europe etc.