The European Volunteer Centre (Centre européen du volontariat, CEV) is the European network of 88 national, regional and local volunteer centres and volunteer support agencies across Europe, working together to support and promote voluntary activity.
CEV channels the collective priorities and concerns of its member organisations to the institutions of the European Union.
It also acts as a central forum for the exchange of policy, practice and information on volunteering.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

-To promote and win recognition for volunteering as an expression of active citizenship in Europe to the general public, the media, businesses and policy-makers on all relevant levels of government
-To act as a bridge for communication between volunteer organisations and the work of the European institutions
-To develop policies and promote and support the role of volunteering infrastructure in advancing volunteering as an expression of active citizenship in Europe
-To serve as a knowledge and research resource for volunteering in Europe
-To promote innovation and good practice in the field of supporting and reinforcing volunteering, participation and active citizenship through exchange, structured dialogue and network-building
-To develop strategic partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders across all sectors

Main Activities

-Gather and provide information on developments within the EU on volunteer related topices
-Represent the needs and concerns of CEV members within EU policy and with international institutions
-Conduct research on volunteering
-Encourage networking between organisations and facilitate the exchange of good practice and innovation
-Provide a forum for CEV members to find partners for European-wide projects
-Bi-Annual General Assemblies, conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings
-CEV News (CEV’s monthly electronic news bulletin)
-An interactive CEV Website


-interactive Web Site with exhaustive information on activities and fundings for volunteering
-international campaigns in favor of volunteering in Europe