ESF, literally translated as ‘Europeans without borders’, is an association which promotes the European citizenship. Established in 2012, it has always acted to promote integration and unity. According Philippe Cayla, President of the ESF, if the language of Europe is translation, the face of Europe is a cartoon.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

EWB advocates promoting European citizenship at large, which goes through the stimulation of the European public debate. Uncommitted to any political line, EWB streamlined itself towards the creation of short animated films, allowing the transmission of simple but accurate messages to a population of young adults (18 to 35 years old), in capacity of voting but often tempted by abstention, while often illinformed or even misinformed by propaganda on the web.

-In 2013, it has launched the European citizens’ initiative “let me vote” which aims to give the right to vote to Europeans at all the elections in their country of residence (when it is different from their birth country) -In 2014, EWB has launched the campaign “Rock the Eurovote”, videos of artistes and personalities talking to encourage youth to vote at the European elections in 2014 -In 2015, EWB has launched the competition of animated short film “Europeman help!” on European citizenship. The movie has been broadcasted at the occasion of Europe Day held on 9 May 2016 in France, Belgium and in Europe, on the web on TV and in the cinemas, with 8 million views -In 2016, EWB has produced an animated short film “The gloomy aftermath of Brexit”, broadcast on the web and on fortyish TV channel around the world, and it has reached about 6.5 million views -EWB is currently producing an animated short film “Eurodame, help !”1, Which is on the topic of refugees and which will be broadcasted at the occasion of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, on March 25 2017

Main Activities

EWB already has experience in this field: a movie on BREXIT (The gloomy aftermath of Brexit) was released based on the cartoon of Nicolas Vadot VP of CFP, and a script by Philippe Cayla, President of EWB. The excellent result in terms of graphic quality and animation as well as in numbers of views (6.5 millions) and repercussion in the Medias (interview in Reuters, ZDF, Arte) makes one think that animation of press caricatures could capture the interest of the public.


The value of the animation shorts is huge. Targeted at citizens aged between 18 and 35, its dialogues are available translated in several languages. Further, the story focuses on famous characters, to whom all Europeans can identify.

Finance and Main Partners

Européens Sans Frontières is member of the Mouvement Européen France