The Foundation was established in 4th October 2006, by the County of Istria. According to the European classification, the Foundation for partnership and civil society development is classified into the category of public mixed foundations that combine the grant program and implementation of operational activities.

Legal form

The Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development is a non- govermental and non-profit organization whose mission is to promote international cooperation, philanthropy, volunteerism and overall development of a democratic society, paying particular attention to constant improvement of life in local communities.

Main Activities

The Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development has three functions:
– Informative: provides important information about civil society. You can find out all the informations in Foundation brochures, enewsletter e-Trokut and official website.

– Financial: throughout the year the Foundation invites tenders and publishes them on its website. All civil society organizations are invated to send their project proposals. Grants awarded by the Foundation for the realization of projects of civil society organizations have been provided by the County of Istria, the Fund of cities and municipalities, the Philanthropic fund and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Our partners from these funds provide financial resources and the Foundation sends them back to the community through programs, projects and activities of civil society and thus creating a cycle of mutual support and improvement of the life in communities in the County of Istria. The Foundation operates at international level too, by writing and implementing projects with foreign partners.

– Educational: organizing workshops, panels, seminars and roundtables on topics related to the civil sector and the issues important to all citizens. In this way, the Foundation creates a space for citizens to participate, express their opinions and influence decisions and to actively create a life in their community. All activities of the Foundation, held and planned, can be followed on the official website.


The values carried out by the Foundation are:
Respect for human rights
Transparent action
High responsibility of all actors in the community
Cooperation and dialogue between all actors in community development
Informed actors