The FOUNDATION was established in 1997 as a channel for political, social economic and cultural reflection in Spain and Europe in the context of growing globalization.

It is a meeting-place, a place for the discussion and devising of ideas and proposals with the participation of the most dynamic and advanced actors in our society.

The main goal of the promoters of this project is the analysis and definition of new ideas, aimed at engaging citizens and society as a whole. It is about giving the floor to those who from all walks of life have something to say.

The analysis of the issues which most concern citizens, their discussion and to act as a bridge between different opinions form part of the purposes of FUNDACIÓN ALTERNATIVAS.

Legal form
  • Foster European identity, democracy, cooperation with civil society organisations and the promotion of cultural diversity. In carrying out its work, Fundación Alternativas makes use of its achievements by presenting proposals to political parties and other economic and social actors so that they may incorporate into their decision-making processes.
  • An important aim is to subject public policies to constant scrutiny in order to analyse their adaptation to the on-going construction of an advanced society in terms of individual and collective liberties, justice and social equity and economic progress. We provide society’s political, social and economic actors with reflections and proposals which are the outcome of rigorous intellectual standards and social participation.
  • The purpose THE ALTERNATIVES LABORATORY is to promote the formulation of rigorous proposals in response to issues that concern citizens.
  • The OBSERVATORY OF SPANISH FOREIGN POLICY (OPEX), as its name suggests, is dedicated to the analysis and formulation of proposals on Spanish foreign policy and its monitoring in the European and global context.
  • ESTUDIOS DE PROGRESO, meanwhile, is a programme aimed at young researchers so that they can provide fresh ideas and alternatives to contemporary problems
  • The CULTURAL AND COMUNICATION OBSERVATORY debates and makes proposals under the concern of the current situation between culture and communications.
Main Activities

Fundación Alternativas will cover a wide range of projects, including the organisation of events for debate and public dissemination of ideas (i.e. conferences, debates and public engagements, policy forums, surveys, calls for papers, seminars and workshops) and the publication of a variety of documents (books, studies, working papers, communication views, annual reports), all documents are available on the Foundation’s web site (

Three specific projects stand out:

  • The Project on ‘The State of the European Union’. The authors describe and analyse the evolution of the EU in relation to a number of fields, paying particular attention to the changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty. The selection of the different subjects will take into account factors such as the impact of the EU on citizen life, the economic crisis or the external dimension of the European Union.
  • Report on ‘Democracy in Spain 2012’. This project will analyse the evolution of the Spanish political system and its main institutions, including an innovative audit on the quality of Spanish democracy. The fifth edition of this report will be prepared by a group of leading social scientists coordinated by Joaquin Estefanía (El País).
  • The state of Culture in Spain -This report presents an overview of the process, findings and implications of Spanish cultural and creative industries and of the challenges and opportunities they have to face following the profound changes to their value chain, brought about by new digital information technologies, and the new uses and behaviours of the diverse audience. This report includes a survey to more 100 cultural operators (CEO, decision makers, researchers, producers….).
  • Experience – FA has aimed at becoming an international reference in the study of European policies and in facilitating citizen participation in the debate on all areas of European policy.
  • Staff -Fundación Alternativas is supported by a number of prominent progressive politicians who provide strategic advice and are involved in the foundation’s management. The foundation has a strong European and international vocation. Its core staff is made up of a limited number of young and talented people who are supported by a broader network of external researchers and academics.
  • Communication and Dissemination – The presence of FA experts in press, TV and radio has increased. FA experts regularly take part in high level, online debates on international relations in media.
Finance and Main Partners

The foundation funds its activities through sponsorship from individuals and private companies. In recent years, income from public grants, originating overall from Spanish governmental bodies and the European Union, has increased and ensures greater guarantees for the future