The Association of Social Promotion ''Futuro Digitale'' is based in 3 regions of Italy (Calabria, headquarter and operational offices in Lazio and Campania).
FD strives to empower young people through the creation of real opportunities for educational, professional and self-development, stimulate the youth entrepreneurship in an international environment using various models and opportunities such as e-learning, in-class trainings, mentoring, vocational placements, customized working experiences, youth exchanges.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

-Establish solidarity model
– Create a network for the exchange of information and best practices , trainings, promotion of European citizenship, national and European youth policy, cultural and intercultural dialogue, European integration and the digital divide.

– Build new relationships between Calabrians and European institutions;
– Promote European policies in the region ;
– Activate Calabrian civic life in European reality ;
– Promote EU funding opportunities and programmes;
– Improve the quality and access of mobility within the European Union in the fields of training , cooperation and education;
– Bridge the digital divide in local and global level through the adoption and diffusion of innovative technologies (eg increase the broadband penetration);
-Promote the responsible use of ICT tools and telecommunication networks, in particular the Internet;
– Work with local educational agencies , promoting multimedia creative workshops , bring people closer to technology ;
– Promote social inclusion , especially through the use of technologies , including mobile, information and communication technologies (ICT ) in order to  facilitate and increase the participation of individuals and communities to the information society and knowledge, for the promotion of European citizenship and knowledge of opportunities, tools provided by the community itself.

Main Activities

Organizes and participates Youth Exchanges, Erasmus+ traineeships, seminars, conferences , courses and training activities in general , deals with social planning , promoting active European citizenship.


– Digital Future works to facilitate young people’s access to the opportunities offered by the EU transnational educational mobility in different sectors : trade , culture, formal and non-formal education, work, volunteer work, etc.

– Cooperation between public and private entities , underwriting protocols Collaboration, is one of the strengths of the Association.

– The diversity of means, methods and approaches in the provision of information and guidance, as well as the constant ratio recurring exchange of good practice and the circularity of communication between the partners and the networks to which it belongs

Finance and Main Partners

1 ) ERIFO : network of organizations from the education, training, orientation and civil society exchange information and share resources and tools to combat the abandonment and early school leavers and to enhance the attractiveness of vocational training, through educational innovation . The opportunity to create a network of organizations interested in innovative teaching is offered by the project “Rapport – Building Rapport to prevent early school leaving” (No. 527920 -LLP -1 -2012- 1-IT -COMENIUS -CMP ) , an intervention co-financed by the European Commission under the Comenius program , which ERIFO is the leader and who take part in eight other European countries (Spain , Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Cyprus , Greece, Switzerland ) . eu / .

2 ) EURO-NET : Network -oriented education and training in a long-term perspective , it is proposed to participate actively in the development of European citizenship through the development of various projects.

3 ) EILD -European Institute for Local Development : The European Institute for Local Development holds the role of the secretariat of the European Network for Local Development. Network Every Member has the opportunity to participate on in the projects and Initiatives of the European Network for Local Development. The aim of our activities Networking is the exchange of knowledge and expertise and the joint participation in European and National Initiatives and projects .