HRI aims at protecting and promoting the equal access to all human rights for all. It has been established in 2011 and in the meantime became the biggest, non-threshold member-based human rights organization in Slovakia. Currently and consists of 2 full-time people, 5 external staff, 5 board members and 25 volunteers

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Raising awareness and educating about human rights, so as to create a sense of ownership for them amongst Slovak citizens and thereby mobilize them for causes when human rights are at risk of erosion or curtailing. We combine global and local issues and causes for better understanding of the universality of human rights and for creating a sense amongst Slovaks that they can and should stand up for their rights and the rights of citizens beyond their borders.

Main Activities

Main areas of focus:

– Economic, social and cultural rights: Raising awareness amongst professional groups and NGOs to use ESCR framework in their work; raising awareness materials for young people
– LGBT rights: Yearly public voting anti-price ’The homophobe of the Year’, aiming at naming and shaming public homophobic speech Publishing materials debunking myths around LGBT people for high school students
– Human Rights Education Yearly competition on writing blogs on human rights for high school students Running successful Human Rights Blog
– Superpowers against human rights Joining global movements for actual human rights violations and causes (i.e. Chelsea Manning, Pussy Riot)
– social media communication
– activists actions
– meetings


– the biggest, member-based human rights organization in Slovakia
– media communication, PR, social media communication
– finding the right angle for mobilization around a cause
– bringing new topics to the discourse no other actor campaigns for (i.e. Economic, social and cultural rights,Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks)

Finance and Main Partners

National Human Rights Schemes of respective ministries, Visegrad Fund, 2% tax deduction, individual donors, membership fee.

Main partners include: Slovak Anti Poverty Network, Nesehnuti (CZ), Minority Rights Group (HU).