Established in 1999, the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” Skopje (IDSCS) is one of the oldest Macedonian think tank organizations. It is a non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization, which works in the fields of good governance, EU integration and public opinion research. IDSCS has vast experience in implementation of both research and development projects, has pursued successful advocacy actions and has contributed to higher networking within the civil sector.
IDSCS’s staff is consisted from researchers/project managers that are highly trained in policy research and advocacy, project management and implementation; administrative and financial staff who ensure quality reporting to the donors during project implementation; and project assistants that help to ensure an unimpeded implementation of IDSCS’s projects and activities.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

On its way, IDSCS has a vision of Macedonia as a highly developed democracy of free and active citizens.

IDSCS’s mission is to support the development of the democratic processes through promotion of policy making based on research, analysis and stakeholders consultation.

IDSCS is focused on researching the development of good governance, rule of law and the European integration of Macedonia. It also aims to support citizen inclusion in the decision making process by promoting participative political culture. Furthermore, IDSCS is strongly committed to the promotion of coexistence between diversities.

Main Activities

The main activities of IDSCS encompass research, advocacy and capacity development. We employ a variety of social research methods: desk and policy analyses, field and phone surveys, focus groups, statistical analysis, monitoring, etc. IDSCS regularly organizes a large number of public activities, directed towards external audiences: round-tables, conferences, workshops and trainings.

The work of IDSCS is focused in three programmatic directions: Good governance, EU integration and Public opinion research.

  • Independence, credibility and integrity
  • Long tradition of research and analysis in the field of Good governance, EU integration and Public opinion research.
  • Transparency
  • One of the largest research databases in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Strong media presence and outreach
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
Finance and Main Partners
  • European Union
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  • Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans (RRPP)
  • Think Tank Fund, Open Society Foundations
  • European Fund for the Balkans
  • British Embassy in Skopje