IHECS focuses on training that is based on the concrete, on the practical and on professional realities, including ‘tricks of the trade’ – while also including study and theory.

IHECS therefore links conceptual relevance with professional efficiency. In other words, IHECS ‘combines manual skills with scientific intelligence’ – thus forming a connection between knowledge and know-how.

Legal form
Training Institute

The IHECS participates actively in the social, economic and cultural progress of society, true to its mission of training tomorrow’s professionals as well as those already active.
Its trainers are fully cognisant of the labour market. Its working methods are innovative. Its hours are flexible and fit in with the working world.
The communications world is changing, and so is training. Paradoxically, technology disruptions require more development of the human factor.

Main Activities

– trainings on communication and journalism
– on public relations
– advertising and commercial communication
– sociocultural animation and permanent education
– european communication


Trainings based on the concrete, on the practical and on professional realities