The Impact Assessment Institute was founded in 2015, with the mission to provide impartial and credible scrutiny of evidence for legislation and policy within the European political ecosystem. The Impact Assessment Institute seeks to fill an important gap by scrutinising – in detail – the evidence-base and scientific robustness of policies and legislation presented by the European Commission and other bodies.

Legal form

The Impact Assessment Institute has the following three primary objectives:

  1. Applying credible and independent scrutiny on impact assessment studies thereby encouraging continuous improvement of the robustness of evidence and analysis.
  2. Informing stakeholders and policy-makers by providing valuable analysis of the evidence base of European Commission legislative proposals.
  3. Creating incentives for reform by reviewing how the Better Regulation Agenda is implemented in general, encouraging the European Commission to update and improve its practices and procedures for preparing impact assessments.
Main Activities
  • Assessing the evidence-base and scientific robustness of impact assessment studies that accompany European Commission legislative proposals.
  • Evaluating the implementation of the Better Regulation Agenda and its tools.
  • Publishing studies that can be used by the European institutions and related stakeholders
  • Providing training courses on Impact Assessment, Better Regulation and the legislative process.
  • We are an independent scrutiniser with a core commitment to impartiality, transparency and credibility. The Institute conducts its work without any guiding policy orientation, focusing solely on the robustness and accuracy of evidence.
  • The content of our studies is compiled without influence from third-parties, whether associated with the Institute or not.
  • The Impact Assessment Institute is able to focus its time and resources fully on evaluating impact assessments in detail.
  • We serve as a unique learning hub for young professionals in Brussels, giving them an expertise in Impact Assessment.
Finance and Main Partners

The Impact Assessment Institute is run by its founders on a pro-bono basis, in addition to a small staff.

With our need to be independent and credible, the Impact Assessment Institute is careful about how it is funded. We are currently seeking to establish external funding in the form of grants and donations from a wide range of diverse stakeholders (Industry, NGOs, Institutions and foundations).

The Institute also generates revenue through hosting training courses.