Legal form
Initiative without a legal form

stop all negotiations for TTIP, CETA, TiSA & co publish all documents from negotiations no private courts for corporations trade and investment policy has to serve common welfare and environment

Main Activities

* bringing people and organisations together! * doing research on facts and create info-material * writing articles for magazines, newspapers about freetrade and their problems * publish info flyers and wallpapers * train lecturers to hold speeches on FTAs for companies, workers unions, schools, NGOs, political organisaitons, etc. * being informatnts for politicians * talk on info events / spread out info * having discussions in radio and television * holding press conferences * organising workshops * organizing protest (15.05. 2014; 11.10.2014) * organizing info campaigns on FTA * connecting and interconnecting people, organisations and politicinas from communal level up to members of the EP educate lecture * supporting the work from all the Austrian anti TTIP-associations


* local, nation- and europewide networking * high number of activities thanks to strongly engaged activists