Iuridicum Remedium, inc. (IuRe) is a non-governmental non-profit organization promoting fundamental human freedoms in digital and real life and access to law and justice for all. Through law, it promotes digital freedoms (the right to privacy, copyright alternatives and the prohibition of digital exclusion), monitors the biggest players and provides legal assistance.

Legal form
Registered association

Promoting freedom in real and digital life.

Main Activities

Digital Freedom:
the aim of the program is to defend individual freedoms in a not yet fully mapped out territory of the digital world. We do not seek to return to live in the trees or communicate through smoke signals: we just want to make sure that fundamental freedoms, rights and equal treatment are fully respected in the digital world as well. We are on the lookout for control tools (biometric cameras), data storage (medical registries), and the risks of “datification” of all kinds: whether it occurs voluntarily through payment cards and mobile applications or intentionally in the form of proposed bills.

At the same time, however, the program seeks to preserve analog alternatives that allow people not to participate in the digital world at all: either because for various reasons they cannot (digital exclusion) or simply because they do not want to. Digital freedoms are the common voice of all who care that freedom will not lose its meaning in the digital space.

Legal Aid Against Social Exclusion:
the mission of this oldest programme is to provide legal aid to those who need it most. The work usually concerns cases where individuals face injustice and torts, but can’t afford or are not provided with commercial legal assistance. Our agenda focuses primarily on labor law infringements, dwelling law and excesses in levy execution.

We cooperate with other non-governmental organizations working with various socially disadvantaged groups. Very often when the same sort of problem problems start recurring, it indicates some sort of flaw in the system. For example, recently we have focused on the legislation concerning the tenancy rights of senior people and on excesses during levy executions.

2015 / TTIP campaign reflected our perceiving this agreement as big threat for many public interests and democracy itself.
2012 / Grow of activities and staff turned into decline of staff and budget, facing problems with fundraising. We were operating in smaller team (6 people), but pursuing to preserve the scope of our activities, namely free legal aid and watchdog in privacy protection.
2007 / We have amended watchdog activities in privacy protection with promotion of Creative Commons license.
2005 / We started organize annual anti-awards for biggest governmental and corporate privacy intruders – Big Brother Awards.
2003 / We decided for a different name – Iuridicum Remedium and broadened our activities towards protection of human rights and public interest in general.
2001 / Our association started under the name “Iniciativa JIH” and focused on informing about the problems of the Third World at universities in the form of organizing exhibitions, publishing a brochure and leaflets.

  • Reputation as legal expert in privacy protection and technologies for media and public
  • Recognized partner for public administration – e.g. law-making, seminars in our topics
  • Good ad hoc partnerships with grassroot initiatives, mainly in IT and human rights