The Young European Federalists (JEF) is a supranational political movement, which brings together young people from most European Union countries.
This is an autonomous organization, claiming political independence, both at the level of structures and ideas.
For its organizers, the JEF is “a political movement, but not a party.” The JEF is not interested in the direct management of political power, but seeks to promote throughout the federal path.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Encourage debate on European affairs and EU policies
– Foster youth mobility and exchanges throughout the continent.
– Advocate for a culture of active youth participation and volunteering in Europe and draw on methods of intercultural learning and understanding.
– Work towards bridging the democratic deficit in the EU, the organisation seeks to involve European Citizens, in particular young people, from all across the continent in the process of European integration.

Main Activities

– Campaigns to lobby over a longer period of time for a specific federalist cause.
– Street actions mobilising the entire network to raise awareness of burning European issues among the general public.
– International events such as seminars and trainings on a wide range of topics in different EU and non-EU countries.
– A multilingual, interactive webzine “The New Federalist” where youth can voice its opinion in articles on current European affairs.
– Projects that implement a specific goal and for which specific funding was received.
– Press releases for the advocacy of our objectives towards both public and private organisations.


Federation of European youth promoting a federal Europe
Large international network