Share was created in the autumn of 2008 as a European project of the Belgian Pascal Decroos Fund, an organisation founded in 1998 to further quality and investigative journalism in Flanders and abroad. On 22 January 2013 the Pascal Decroos Fund officially took over the name of its European project and became Read more here:

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Objectives vzw originated from the Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism and is an independent non-profit organisation (VZW) established with the purpose of keeping the memory of the Flemish journalist Pascal Decroos alive and continuing his life’s work by

1. stimulating in-depth quality journalism in Europe;
2. facilitating in-depth, cross-border quality journalism in Europe, stimulating, supporting and building a European public debate;
3. stimulating networks of journalists across borders;
4. creating the possibility for new talent to develop journalistic skills in practice;

whilst ensuring the independence of journalistic work.

Main Activities supports journalists who have good ideas for quality in-depth and cross-border research. We focus on two ways of doing so, through our projects. The first is by giving working grants to journalists that enable them to work on a project over a longer period of time. The second is by providing networking opportunities for the investigative journalism community to share ideas and methods.

We have a particular focus on Europe and hope to add to the creation of a European public sphere.


transparency, accountability