Juvenile Business Society is an international nonprofit and a nonpartisan organization with the goal of actively shaping the future of our generation. We deal with future technologies, as well as globalization and the resulting changes for our society. Especially for our generation, there will be a structural change that will affect all areas of our lives.

Among its activities Juvenile Business Society analyzes future technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics or blockchain. Here the organization prepares these topics for young people in order to give everyone the opportunity to inform and educate in a simple way.
Furthermore, Juvenile Business Society supports the exchange of young people among each other, to participate in various events and conferences to provide public relation work, for example the European Youth Event in Strasbourg hosted by the European Commission.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Bearing the dangers and threats of upcoming AI, blockchain and other disruptive technologies like Biotechnology (life prolonging and immortality) in mind, Juvenile Business Society sees future as a great opportunity.

Developing as humans by education and cooperation it will become easy to set ourselves into a position from which we see and handle disruptive technology as a partner of ours rather than a threat.

Our association aims to form the World both politically and economically with no exceptions within intercultural development, following the path of globalization to an absolute unity, where human society will finally provide itself at the top of its entire scientific and empiric knowledge, and with its use become a multi-planet species.

We want it to be a place where equal opportunities, inclusive decision-making, democratic legitimisation and security are realised ideals. In this Europe, young people will be able to contribute to their local, national, European and global communities.

Main Activities

Accelerating – Accelerating research on best practice regarding future technologies

Exchange – Upholding closer exchange between nations and individuals

Supporting – Supporting the European Union, UN and other promoters of the ideals and goals of young generations

With the actual amount of information and information technology at our disposal, although depending on social and economic conditions, it is our exclusive responsibility to solve the possible long-term economic and social damage caused by the historically high levels of unemployment among young people resulting in major impact on our generation. Here Juvenile Business Society has different project, for example a future technology Barometer or Digital Comic as an interactive self-education tool.