Mundo a Sorrir (Smiling World) appears in July 2005 to work in the health field, particularly in the area of Oral Health, with the main objective of generating well-being for the disadvantaged, excluded and marginalized communities.
From the start, this NGO provides training and basic care so that Oral Health becomes a universal right accessible to all individuals, regardless of their economic, cultural and social status.
Mundo a Sorrir , an Association of Portuguese Volunteer Dentists, is a pioneer regarding this kind of associations in Portugal and performs its tasks both nationally and internationally through health care and support programs to sustainable development.
The Association is composed of all of those who care about the current issues concerning solidarity and those who fight for a society and a world without inequalities.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– To improve the Oral Health of the most disadvantaged communities through projects concerning: Prevention, Assistance, Access to Medical and Dental care, Training and education, Supporting Organizations or working in partnership with local institutions;
– To raise awareness of society in general of the Oral Health care needs of the poorest populations;
– To warn and report to the medical and public opinion in general the situations of social deprivation encountered through the experience gained from the projects.

Main Activities

– Dental/medical consultations;
– Screenings;
– Training sessions about oral health (with children and adults);
– Campaigns;
– Meetings;
– Seminars;