mYmO is an association that promotes the active participation of older adults as an opportunity to support the younger generation and create a new shared leadership, stimulating the intergenerational exchange.

mYmO is a community:
We are a community of people over 50 years of age with an incredible wealth of experience and talent. We design and develop specific projects with the goal to make our knowledge, traditions and values available to others.

mYmO is a consultancy company:
We are also a consultancy company working throughout Europe, with expertise in Senior Talent and Age Management and capabilities to design and customize programs to help other organisations, both public and private, to strategically manage their generational diversity and talent.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Our mission is to provide new opportunities for the active participation of older adults, to raise awareness in the community of the importance of respecting, integrating and acknowledging the talent of the older generations as an opportunity to build a more diverse society.

Main Activities

As a community, we provide training and facilitate creative workshops for older adults that would like to be part of a cultural exchange. We focus on providing personal and professional development with the aim to support communities in risk of social exclusion. We also facilitate workshops to promote social emotional learning for children in school.

As a consultancy company, we provide programs to improve talent management of older workforce, to facilitate knowledge sharing between employees, and to support personal development following retirement.


As a community and consultancy company we combine both non for profit and profit strategy. Our principal strength is that we can leverage profit arising from our consultancy activities to finance non-profit activities. In Spain we are one of the few organization developing leadership capabilities of older generations.

Finance and Main Partners

Our vision is to be economically independent like a “social enterprise”. We are willing to be financially sustainable offering our consulting services in order to finance our community services and to support communities in risk of social exclusion. Actually we don’t receive grants.