We are an action-oriented intergenerational innovation consultancy that help organizations to create processes that make them more efficient.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Our mission is to provide information, tools, alliances, projects, and ultimately channels so that organizations know, can and want to get involved in the change they choose and be protagonists of the solution they seek.

Main Activities

We propose to innovate in processes and our main development tool is iLABi, Intergenerational Innovation Laboratory, a flexible itinerary that adjusts to the needs of your organization and context.

We work in very different fields such as unemployment, unwanted loneliness for City Halls, citizen participation, diversity management for HR departments, or larger investigations for European entities.


Our principal strength is that we can leverage profit arising from our consultancy activities to finance non-profit activities. In Spain we are one of the few organization developing leadership capabilities of generations working together.

Finance and Main Partners

We are looking for organizations and projects to join and establish alliances to promote innovation and sustainability in Europe, we will be delighted if you contact us;-)