Notre Europe is a think tank dedicated to European unity.
Under the guidance of Jacques Delors who created Notre Europe in 1996, the association hopes to « think a united Europe, » in other words to contribute to a closer union of the peoples of Europe, as explained in its Charter.
The association participates in current debates, with positions informed through detailed policy analysis and concrete policy proposals.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

The NGO would like to « think the european unity », to contribute to a closer union of the european peoples.
Notre Europe is involved in current debates with the with the benefit of the analysis and with the pertinence of action proposals.
In addition, it has for objective to promote the involvement of citizens and the civil society in the process of the European intergation.

Main Activities

– Notre Europe directs research projects; produces and disseminates analyses in the form of short notes, studies, and articles; and organises public debates and seminars.
– The president and the Board take positions on issues judged to be vital to the future of the Union. All of our analyses and policy proposals are available for free, via our website. These works are intended for decision-makers, academics, citizens, and public opinion-shapers of the entire Union.
– Visions of Europe: The community method, the enlargement and deepening of the EU, and the European project as a whole are a work in constant progress. Notre Europe provides in-depth analysis and proposals that help find a path through the multitude of Europe’s possible futures.
– European democracy in action: Democracy is an everyday priority. Notre Europe believes that European integration is a matter for every citizen, actor of civil society and level of authority within the Union. Notre Europe therefore seeks to identify and promote ways of further democratising European governance.
– Cooperation, competition, solidarity: « Competition that stimulates, co-operation that strengthens, and solidarity that unites ». This, in essence, is the European contract as defined by Jacques Delors. True to this approach, Notre Europe explores and promotes innovative solutions in the fields of economic, social and sustainable development policy.
– Europe and world governance: As an original model of governance in an increasingly open world, the European Union has a role to play on the international scene and in matters of world governance. Notre Europe seeks to help define this role.


– Well-known think tank
– Independent research and analysis
– Financing transparency