Osvěta z.s.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Our association is a non-profit organization in Prague which provides educational and free-time activities for visually impaired children. Our main activities are visual centre (creative skills, tactile painting,…), sports centre (development through movement) and developping musical centre for visually impaired children and their parents.


Main Activities

Our independent association provides complex educational and free-time support for visually impaired children. It tries to develop in children the skills which are unfortunately partly omitted in usual institutional curriculum. The emphasis is on arts, intuition, movement, creative skills. In the sports centre we try to take movement as a way of discovering the world for visually impaired children and seeing it through the body and physical interaction. We also emphasise that this education cannot be separated from education of parents, who continue this education outside of our timeframe at home. As this education is about innovation, we felt that we need our own toys and tools to explore the method of creative possibilities in children. This is why we also design our tactile books, interactive hand-made toys from natural materials, along with conducting public seminars to share our knowledge with professional public.


We try to provide democratic, inclusive and innovative education and quality free-time activities open to children, young people, parents and professional public. We think that our activities are in line with inspiring social traditions of the EU and we try to develop our activities further to be able to support as many children and families as possible.

Finance and Main Partners

Public institutional support in Prague, Czech Republic, public grant support, sponsorship.