The major official political parties likely to support the demands of civil society associations for another fairer and more cohesive migration policy, and for the regularization of undocumented persons, want to exclude these subjects of their election campaign.

These parties claim that this concern for migrants has the effect of strengthening the soil of racist and nationalist parties.

We have therefore decided to impose this debate in the European election campaign by creating a political party which raises this concern in a central way. It is estimated that there are 2.5 million people who live in Europe in an invisible way because they do not have a residence permit.

The aim of this campaign is to show European voters that these people without a residence permit exist and must be regarded as economic, social and cultural wealth.

That is why THE PEPS-EUPP is a political party with a transnational list of eligible candidates, in tandem with people without a residence permit. Eligible candidates will be "experts " or "VIP "; People without a residence permit are people able to show the added value of their insertion in our society.

To make visible undocumented citizens means to energize our ageing population and to launch a new civilization capable of giving democratic responses to globalisation impoverishing that the middle classes as well as the people in fragile economic situation suffer more and more.

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