Our mission is to encourage active civic participation of Polish and European citizens, to strengthen the civil society, to promote the European integration and foster values on which it is based. We create and develop programmes to teach how to make the most of the opportunities afforded by the EU membership.

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Main Activities

Polish Robert Schuman Foundation implements programmes of civic and European education, focusing on the following issues: European integration, active citizenship, societal engagement of citizens and promotion of democratic and civic values.

To promote European and democratic values we organize many activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, educational events in the public space and various pro-European campaigns in the social media. We try to engage a wide audience in international projects. We support a network of about 400 European Clubs in several EU member states.

The Foundation coordinates activities for many different target groups but most of them are dedicated to youth. We believe that learning-by-doing is one of the most effective methods of education which encourages youth to take part in various educational mobility projects across Europe, including international volunteering.

Every year, the Foundation organizes approximately 100 workshops for young people all over Poland. The workshops concern European and socio-political matters, for example the role of the EU in the world, the roots of the European integration, cultural diversity.We also conduct trainings for teachers – including teachers from rural areas – to increase their competences in European and civic education.

We are also a strong voice in the media – on the domestic and the local level. To expand the scope of the debate on European issues in Poland, we invite experts and opinion leaders to the discussion on the future of Europe and publish reports which are widely discussed both in the media and at meetings with experts, politicians and journalists.

The Foundation cooperates with a wide range of institutions within and outside the EU concentrating on promoting initiatives focusing on the development of democracy. In this process, we support cultural, scientific and educational organizations that actively contribute to the development of closer bonds between Poland, EU institutions and other EU Member States as well as the network of NGOs active in similar fields of work.