Pompaelo is a small association in northern Spain promoting a prejudice-free view of history, and the values of freedom and equality.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

According to our charter:

  • To foster the knowledge of traditions, culture and history of Navarra.
  • To foster the valúes of equality and freedom.
  • To take part in participatory decision making at local, regional, national and European level.

In practice:

  • Foster equality and freedom through the promotion and dissemination of information (media, events, books), denouncing situations and legislation that damage them.
  • Catalyze regional civil society into action in defense of those values.
  • Fight the wordlview disseminated by exclusionary nationalists through thought leadership and dissemination of unbiased and fact-complete versions of History.
Main Activities
  • Editorial: we publish history and essay books (over 20 titles to date).
  • Talks and debates: we host presentations on historical or civic matters. and organize debates on issues affecting the whole community. We do this on and offline.
  • Activism: we foster coalitions and initiatives in defense of equality and freedom, from manifests to demonstrations to petitions to the EU parliament of the Conference for the Future of Europe, as well as participate in regional government participation mechanism.
  • Social: we promote and host social events and participate in regional holidays.
  • A technically qualified group of volunteers.
  • An extremely efficient mindset and operating methods.
  • No party ties.
  • A well-recognized track record at regional level (in some areas, at a wider one).
  • A dense network of partners and friends at national level.
Finance and Main Partners

Pompaelo mostly self-finances, at the moment (no grants or public funds of any type; we haven’t asked for them either). We fund most events with member quotas, and complement that with the proceeds from the book sales.

We do have special tax status as MECNA (we are a “cultural project of social interest” for the Navarra regional government), and this has resulted in some small donations, adding up to less than €1500 in 2023 to date.

Our main partners are platforms such as Foro Profesores and Escuela de Todos. We are not part of, nor affiliated with, any other institution, federation, party or sponsor.