Pulse of Europe is a POSITIVE citizen movement saying "Yes to Europe" and "Yes to freedom, tolerance and the understanding between nations". It is completely independent from any political party or other particular interest. In this crucial moment for Europe, it consists in gathering on Sundays at public spaces for one hour and to show our support for Europe. So far, 80 cities in Germany, France, UK, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Spain and Portugal participated.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

We SHOULD NOT get lost in complains and the shortcomings of the EU which no doubt exist and need to be addressed. In this crucial moment for Europe, we SHOULD refocus on the big picture acknowledging that the European Union has guaranteed us peace and stability for the last 60 years and that in Europe we must stand together to have a future for us and our children. We all have taken the wonderful benefits that the EU has to offer for granted! Many of us have travelled on EU funded roads across borders, have made friends all over Europe, have even family in different parts of the continent. Some of us have even received Erasmus scholarships and graduated from international schools

We now need to defend the European idea against raising populism, racism, hatred and nationalism which is starting to lighten fire to our peaceful living together around the world.

Main Activities

Demonstrations, discussion platform, information sharing

Finance and Main Partners

no finances, all is volunteer work