"Roter Baum" Berlin UG (haftungsbeschänkt) is nongovernmental organisation is founded 2011 by "Roter Baum" e.V. and is running all projects of "Roter Baum" organization network in Berlin city, mostly in Hellersdorf district. It follows the work of gKJHG "Roter Baum" mbH.

We are working since 2001 in Berlin in several programmes.
We run a youth centre named “Anna Landsberger” ( which has constant programs for youth and 3 full time employed. Youth centre “Anna Landsberger” has 749,29 m² and park which surrounding youth centre has more than 3000 m2. In this facility we have cafe, dancing room, indoor concert room, 2 bands rehearsal rooms, learning room, creative room, sound studio, computer room, workshop, kitchen, outdoor climbing wall and few bathrooms.

Also from equipment except computers, printers and similar equipment we have full equipment with stage, sound, light and special effects for open air concerts and presentations. This youth centre is mostly focused on programs for local youth, culture and learning processes and it is also implementing several national youth and mobility camps and international projects.

Family centre “Buntes Haus” ( has more than 440 m², 3 employed staff and it is in walking zone in Hellersdorf district. This facility has small office part, anti stress room, creativity room, big playing room, kitchen, learning room, reading room, chill out area and separated bathroom. This facility is mostly focused on activities with children and their parents, social learning processes and integration.
Education centre “Zentrale” ( has 120 m², 1 full time employed staff with all necessary equipment for seminars and workshop.

It is also administration centre for entire NGO and provides music rehearsal room. It is administrative centre for Roter Baum Berlin, but it is not only that except administrative and fundraising tasks in Zentrale exist rehearsal room which youth band using for rehearsals big meeting room for youth meetings (especially for youth participation projects), kitchen and separated bathrooms. This facility is also info point for all young people and other interested people in district.

Several youth participation projects, youth culture projects, projects for political education and international youth exchanges was implemented by Roter Baum Berlin. In last year youngsters and youth workers were participating in several trainings and exchanges under YiA and Erasmus + Programme.

All facilities are constantly hosting few national and at least one international volunteer.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

We are multifaceted and creatively active, in order to educate young people, provide them with competences and promote our values.

We deeply believe that every individual is valuable and has to have a chance to realize their own potential regardless of their ethnic, social, and cultural background. Therefore, we are interested in each person and threat him or her with respect.

We want to discern the world in order to apply the acquired knowledge to the benefit of people and nature.

We verify our actions and define our goals for the future in the knowledge of the successes and mistakes of our ancestors.

We know that this society deprives thenatural and social livelihoods of many people and we fight for this reason active against existing injustices.

We are confident that we can improve the world through our actions.

We want to be a cultural, social and political home for young people.