Sapere Aude is a non-governmental non-profit organisation for the promotion of civic education, based in Austria.

We work with a variety of adolescent and adult target groups and partners, such as youth associations, ministries and educational institutions.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

We are inspired by two main considerations:

  • Our entire life consists of politics.
  • Democracy means to enable each and every one to co-create the political framework of our lives.

Thus, we understand civic education as a process during which the circumstances of one’s own life can be reflected upon, own interests can be developed and expressed and the skills necessary for their implementation and realisation can be acquired. The individual right to participation and universal human rights are the basis of these principles. Consequently, the goal is to learn democracy.

As this interpretation of civic education is rarely offered within the regular educational system, we want to correct this oversight.

Main Activities

We design and implement innovative workshop formats that suit any given target group from pupils to teachers, from young to old, no matter their background. Everyone faces the same rich variety of non-formal and interactive methods, only language and topics are occasionally adapted. We are convinced that everyone is able to think critically and independently and to campaign for their own interests. In our projects, we build these capacities.