Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non profit association aiming the defense, protection, development and sustainable managment of oceans, coastals, waves and people who enjoy all that.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Protect the environment, hobbies and health responding to the demandes of « oceans’users »
– Promote the evolution of behaviours responding to the need of sensibilisation of citizens that is necessary to a sustainable management of the environment
– Give to the volunteers the means to involve themselves efficiently and to react locally to the environment problems
– Ensure to members that the resources and mangment of the association are compatible with the project to which he/she is associate

Main Activities

– Educational tools to increase pupils awarness of environmental issues in the schools
– Surfrider campus: the educational centre for environment and the professional trainings are a new tool that contribute to increase the awarness on environmental issues, to education and train citizens
– Organisation of days of « sensitization » in firms
– Educational tools online
– Organisation of educational expositions and other cultural, ecological and sportive events to raise public awareness
– Professional trainings on environmental themes and on sustainable development for politicians, representatives, teachers, firms
– Lobbying


Variety of initiatives ot increase public awareness that include all the political, economic, academic levels.