Tech To The People is the brainchild of two individuals: one, an expert in online community building and open source software and the other, a policy campaigner who understands the radical potential of technology to achieve change.

At the same time, it is the product of a much broader coalition. We have been following this core philosophy for several years, whilst discovering and cultivating a network of international contacts who share these values. In 2008 we reached a point where we wanted to articulate our vision, to structure it as a company, to assemble our skillbase around it, and to offer our services under this new banner.

The resulting company is new but has more than a decade of experience. It is a small hub but with many connections. We are united around the same principles, but as diverse as our clients.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Our vision is a range of user-friendly, open source IT tools to help activists and NGOs network, share ideas and magnify the impact of their advocacy campaigns.
– Our mission is to develop these tools, get them into the right hands, and ensure that they are used effectively.

Main Activities

Online campaigning, ECI, data-visualisation. We design, customise and install software, and provide training and ongoing support. Often, this also requires teaching individuals and organisations to see the potential of technology to transform the way that they work, and help manage the change process.