The Democratic Society (Demsoc) connects people and power. We're a non-profit and non-partisan organisation working for better democracy, participation and new ways of doing government.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

We work for more and better democracy, where people and institutions have the desire, opportunity and confidence to participate together.

We work to create opportunities for people to become involved in the decisions that affect their lives and for them to have the skills to do this effectively. We support governments, parliaments and any organisation that wants to involve people in decision making to be transparent, open and welcoming of participation. We actively support spaces, places and processes to make this happen.

Main Activities

We achieve our aims by:

  • Promoting a culture of openness and participation.
  • Delivering practical, empowering participatory projects, products and services that enhance and support collaboration between people and power (including governments, institutions and public services).
  • Advocating for new and innovative methods of participation, the culture change that organisations need to make this happen and the skills people need to become active participants.
  • Promoting an evidence-based approach that demonstrates good practice, effective use and clear, strategic benefits.
  • Producing and publishing resources that support learning and effective participation.
  • Providing sectoral and thought leadership around democracy, democratic strengthening and effective participation.