United Sketches is an International Organization for Freedom of expression and Cartoonists in exile. Founded on March 8th 2015 and based in Normandy – France [Le Mémorial de Caen], It’s the World’s biggest growing professional network of cartoonists by its active ambassadors in each country. United Sketches‘s ambassadors are engaged, active and independent cartoonists who suggest and/or confirm potential new members.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

United Sketches is an International Organization supporting freedom of expression on a global scale. It is the most pressing issue is to defend freedom everywhere, especially that of expression. This is the commitment to which many activists, journalists and cartoonists have dedicated their life.
Criticizing power is our responsibility. United Sketches has two objectives: to promote Freedom of Expression, ensuring that everyone can work and express themselves by all means available. The risk is always there that the cartoonists, feeling threatened, will begin to censor themselves. For fear of losing their jobs, of getting fired or worse. Self-censorship is insidious. For this, the second and crucial objective is to give visibility to cartoonists in exile: It protects those who draw and their work.

Main Activities
  • European professional pedagogical workshops for students and young adults to promote freedom of expression.
  • Curating International exhibitions
  • Creating International professional awards for Cartoonists
  • Promoting Cartoonists in Exile

A global network of the world’s most engaged , skilled and awarded political cartoonists, founded by a political refugee to promote freedom of expression and cartoonists in exile

Finance and Main Partners

Le Mémorial de Caen