European Association "World - Our Home" is a non-governmental European youth organization, based in Latvia, established in 1999, with a long term aim of maintaining social integration of Latvian citizens into European society, to continue its work with youth on local and European level, to promote European cooperation among young people, to disseminate information about different cultures.

"World - Our Home" is the organization in Rezekne which can propose wide possibilities to get non-formal education, information about European youth programmes for young people with the aim to realize themselves on national and European level. Organization actively worked in "Youth" and "Youth in Action" programmes since program's beginning, and now it successfully works in "Erasmus+" programme organizing seminars, trainings, exchange projects, support for youth activities. Organization is also an EVS hosting, sending and coordinating organization. The main duty is to continue to broaden the local and transnational activities working for the welfare of youth.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

European Association “World-Our home” main activities are linked to implementation of the European projects for young people and youth workers, for skills development and promotion. Main activities of the organisation are non-formal learning opportunities for young people and youth workers, language skills improvement, promotion of active participation of young people by involving them in various events, as well as volunteering opportunities in the organization and in the European voluntary service.


The organization began to work with the Youth in Action programme since its beginning in Latvia and has gained great experience in organizing projects for young people and youth workers. Each year “World-Our home” staff organizes at least five international youth exchanges or seminars, training courses for young people, as well as works on the local scale projects. “World-Our home” has  trustful partners in Europe and neighboring countries with whom we regularly implement international projects.