What do you want to achieve with this project?

The Civic Pride is an annual celebration of achievements by civic organisations, activists, associations, which form the backbone of democratic, inclusive, equal and solidary societies. This year we will celebrate a whole month, from 1 to 31 March!

The Civic Pride campaign aims at:

  • Demanding EU institutions to recognise the role played by CSOs in our societies, through the adoption of a Civil Society Strategy;
  • Making visible the work of hundreds of thousands of civic organisations across Europe;

Together, it is time to amplify our voices. Join the celebrations: stand and act for Civic Pride!

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Please spread the word among the network, to engage a large number of organisations and citizens into the campaign.

In light of the terrible attacks currently ongoing in Ukraine, we invite you to spread the word of those that rescue, provide shelter, convey refugees or simply organise solidarity. We therefore want to pay tribute and support them through the campaign. With the #CivicPride, your actions will be visible and we will make our utmost efforts to connect various initiatives with all those willing to assist or express solidarity. Feel free to use other visible hashtags such as #StandWithUkraine to highlight appeals, calls for support and other actions of solidarity towards those fleeing war.

What are the details of the project?

On issues that the population considers key, such as climate change, fight against poverty and social exclusion or public health, CSOs and associations have been on the forefront for decades, to mitigate the consequences or lack of public policies.

Because our voice and actions count

  • Tweet your MEPs and decision-makers for an #EUCivilSocietyStrategy on 7 March (more info on twitter storm will come soon!).
  • Promote the positive role of your organisation or a symbolic action you are leading on social media with the hashtag #CivicPride (find some inspiration HERE);

Stand up for the values we collectively care and make sure we #LeaveNoOneBehind;

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • Advocacy
  • campaign online
  • capacity building