The Art of Facilitation – Training for the Community in BXL

At the heart of the Citizens for Europe project is a wish to learn from each other, to empower the network with new skills, and to grow with new practices and methods for cooperation.

In our meetings, we always strive to use collective intelligence harvesting methods for project co-creation. So when our partners Somos Más told us about “THE ART OF FACILITATION AND LEADING FROM THE EMERGING FUTURE” training, we decided that this would be a unique opportunity to expand our knowledge together with you!

We would therefore like to invite 4 of our members to attend the Essential Training 24-25-26 June for free (we will cover your registration fee, worth 700€). During 3 days, you will get a solid overview of key facilitation techniques and co-creation methods for big and small groups, learn how to apply them, and gain essential insights into jump-starting a change dynamic in your team and organization.

How to apply?

Send an email until the 15th of June, 12PM to explaining your motivation:

  1. How would you apply your learnings to develop your organisation?
  2. Please also share a few lines on your background and learning expectations.

Both answers should not be longer than 600 characters each.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be a member of Citizens for Europe
  • Be available the three days (24-25-26 June)
  • Attend a pre-session with the other selected members in order to reflect on how to best share the training learnings with the rest of the community (via the “Resources” corner of the Website)

Training Purposes:

  • recognise and comprehend society’s capacity for change and co-creation, understand one’s own role, individually & collectively (organisation, network, social engagement)
  • acquire and practice tools to initiate and facilitate co-creation, i.e. processes that invite people to contribute their diverse knowledge and skills
  • develop and clarify one’s own role in transformational leadership and collective efforts
  • develop concrete strategies for integrating the newly gained insights into your work environment (team, network, organisation)
  • building a network of practitioners

More information on the Program can be found here!