Theory of Change: A workshop to plan the future

As charities or social movements, we often have a clear idea of what our vision, missions and activities are. But when it comes to building a clear strategy that encompasses everything to forecasting our strategic moves for the next 12 months, things can get a lot more fuzzier.

Where do we start ? What should we prioritize ? How can our different activities reinforce each other ? And how can we have that difficult conversation with our whole community, without ending up with a chaotic plan ?

To answer all these questions (and more !) we are happy to invite you to an online workshop in cooperation with Organisez-vous ! where you will be presented in a practical way what theory of change can be, and how this roadmap can be created and implemented within your community.

When ? Wednesday 7th of December 2022, 11h-12h30 CET.
Where ? Zoom
How ? Register here before the 2nd of December.

About the trainer :
Jean-Michel Knutsen is the founder and lead organizer of Organisez-Vous !, a charity based in France and dedicated to the practice of community organizing. He was first trained in the UK, where he supported the creation of a broad-based citizens alliance in Essex. His team is now building a platform of research, training and coaching for community organizers all around France. He is also personally involved in several campaigns, such as the safe passage of refugees from France to the UK.

About Organisez-vous ! :

“Organisez-vous!” is a French nonprofit organization whose main mission is to fight for social justice and the common good, by supporting the growth and strategic thinking of social movements, unions and charities.
We deliver coaching, training sessions and workshops about organizing tools and strategies that can strengthen campaigns and long-terms efforts to change the world.