Webinar: Supportive Approach to Fundraising

Many non-profit organisations are seeking to maintain and expand their funding sources, as challenges for inclusion, democracy, peace, health, justice and equality have been piling up in the recent years. It is therefore beneficial to reflect on what are the most optimal ways of organising fundraising efforts within an organisation.

Supportive Approach to Fundraising is an internal organisational strategy, where the entire organisation and everything it does backs and reinforces its fundraising efforts. This does not necessarily mean increasing people’s workloads but rather achieving a natural alignment between what everyone in an organisation does and the vision and goals of fundraising.

As part of Citizens for Europe’s series of trainings and webinars on fundraising, we are very happy to invite you on the 25th of May 10:30-13:00 (CET) to a webinar designed by and in collaboration with the European Activism Incubator.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What exactly is Supportive Approach to Fundraising;
  • How it looks like in practice;
  • What the methods of introducing and implementing it within an organisation are.

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About the European Activism Incubator:

The European Activism Incubator (EAI) is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation committed to practical research into effective change-making and a deep reflection on how power and influence operate, and how they can be steered to achieve positive social and environmental impact.
The EAI experiments with various methods of driving change through small scale and micro projects that combine non-profit, political, cultural and entrepreneurial approaches. They serve as tools for developing and deepening the knowledge on what the components of successful change-making are. The EAI then turns this knowledge into workshops and process facilitation toolkits to support, strengthen and equip organisations and activists that fight for making our societies better.
The EAI also develops resources to support change-makers in funding their activities. On top, through the micro-scale projects, they explore innovative financing methods for non-profits and activism, seeking to resolve tensions between doing what is needed and the questions of financial sustainability, ethics and autonomy.

Paulina Banas is a senior team lead at the European Activism Incubator. In this role she combines responsibilities for strategy and fundraising, project management and the training hub development. She has over 10 years’ experience working in Brussels-based non-profits, including various roles in European membership umbrella organisations focusing on policymaking and peer-to-peer learning, and 7 years’ experience in front-line social care work. She also has first-hand experience in political and public campaigning – the former gained as a candidate in the European elections 2014 and the latter as a co-creator of the Strong Words campaign for girl and women empowerment. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science-Psychology and a Master’s degree in Public Policy with health and welfare economics pathway.