Good practices, inspiration and dreams for more gender equality in Europe

How can we fight for a more equal Europe ? How solidarity between women can help alleviate precarity ? Are culture and education the solutions to change society’s perception of women’s role ?  How can we, women and men, be actors of that change ?

On the 8th of July, Citizens for Europe, together with EuropaNova and Euractiv France, organized the second edition of « Elles font bouger l’Europe ! » (= « women make Europe move »), an event dedicated to women : how they contribute to building a better Europe and what is still left to do to create a more equal society.

The event gathered a hundred of participants in Paris to discuss topics as diverse as solidarity, precarity, feminism and education or women and power. Prominent speakers from the fields of politics, culture, business, science, psychology… were invited to share their experiences and reflect on ways to further gender equality in Europe in all areas.

Besides the different panels and speeches, a Women Power Corner was set up to showcase initiatives from companies, foundations or NGOs to empower women and work towards more equality.

Eight projects were present there : Force Femmes, Rêv’Elles, la Fondation des Femmes, 50/50 Magazine, Addict’Elles, Women’s Forum, EFFE EU and Maydée.

On the wall, a tool box, a dream box, and an idea box were displayed to collect participants’ contributions throughout the day. Their ideas, dreams and tools for more equality will feed the final report that will be published and shared with European decision-makers.

This 2019 edition built on the success of the first event of that kind which took place in July 2018. The many positive feedback received underlined the need for more moments dedicated to inspiration and reflection. The fight for more equality is never ending and participants voiced how important it is to inspire and support each other.

Following Citizens for Europ’s philosophy of work, the entire conference was conceived in a co-creation spirit. A co-creation committee met numerous times to collectively imagine, prepare, and own the event.