Are you thinking about setting up an energy community, but you’re not sure where to start? Do you already have a group and are wondering how to move through the next steps? Or do you maybe already know what type of project you would like to do, but you need more information on how to finance it? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this practical guide is for you!

The community energy landscape in Europe has been drastically changed the last couple of years. The European Union acknowledged the important role of citizens in the energy transition through the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package last year, and now each EU country needs to put in place measures to actively support the development of energy communities. At the same time, young people are actively reminding us of the urgency of climate action and local citizens are taking power into their own hands by jointly developing sustainable energy projects.

Friends of the Earth Europe, Energy Cities and  – with the support of the community power coalition – want to make sure that citizens have the right resources to turn this opportunity into a reality. This is why we put together a guide to help you navigate all stages of setting up and running an energy community. From information & tools on how to put your group together, which legal form to adopt, what kind of project or technology could be the right one for you – this book is full of practical tips.

Bringing lots of inspiring examples from across Europe, this guidebook shows that people that want to build community energy projects are not on their own. This guide is a call to action. It’s a call to get active locally, and become part of a growing movement of people who are reclaiming power. It will connect you and your community to a history of decades of local action on energy.

By sharing these experiences and providing hands on guidance, this guidebook represents an excellent first towards setting up a community energy initiative.