Eurocitizens: a platform for empowering the French civil society

Eurocitizens is a unique network of more than 70 pro-European organisations of the French civil society. Its main objectives are to increase cooperation between its members and build synergies in their activities.

At the beginning of the 2019 European elections campaign, Eurocitizens planned to continue the “General States of Europe”. However, time and logistics constraints did not allow for the perpetuation of this initiative. Aware of the difficulties of the members of our network, the majority of which are associations, we decided to adapt our strategy.

On the ground, the Eurocitizens label was used during various events organised by our members, thus giving more visibility to our platform. Eurocitizens also had a booth devoted to the promotion of the European elections during 10 consecutive days in one of Paris’ most popular cross-disciplinary venues – Ground Control.

Eurocitizens launched a common communication campaign on Twitter. We put the emphasis on the creation and dissemination of photos and videos encouraging citizens to vote and aiming at sparking interest in European affairs. An example is our series of photos with teddy bears carrying a poster saying they will vote on the 26th of May.

We also put in place a weekly newsletter presenting the actions of each Eurocitizens member. This initiative allowed a better internal cooperation, gave more visibility to all of our activities, but also permitted a general structuration of the civil society.

We are now willing to continue working together under the banner of the Eurocitizens. We will maintain the newsletter as a mechanism of coordination, and we are now considering projects for 2020. We strongly believe in the future of Eurocitizens as a platform for empowering the French civil society.