You want to gain ideas for interactive civic education could looks like? The Austrian project „Feeling Europe“ shows you some ways.

„Feeling Europe“ was launched in November 2019 by us. We are Sapere Aude, a 40 member non-governmental and non-profit organisation for the promotion of civic education in Austria. The organisation tries to develop interactive workshops and trainings for different target groups (youngsters and grown-ups).

By the end of the year we got funded a small number of workshops by the national ministry of education, to help youngsters (from 15 years onwards) to make a counscious and independent decision in the ballot boxes fort he EP-elections in May 2019.

As we wanted to extend the number of workshops as well as the project sustainability, we asked Citizens for Europe for a funding.
Because our project got selected, we were able, to modifiy our acitvities in several ways:

  • We were able to increase the number of workshops, we were conducting and we could also go to youngsters far outside of Vienna.
  • As one of our main targets is, to make politics understandable and attracting to many different social groups, we set up a basic text in plain language, to make the process oft he EP-elections understandable for a bigger group of people.
  • We set up a short tool-kit where we share our methodological know-how of the workshops, in order to make our experiences usable for other youth workers and teachers

The tool-kit „Feeling Europe“ can be downloaded via the link below. But heads up: It is written in german.