Fundraising Conversations is a series of live online interviews with experts, grant-makers and other special guests on all topics related to funding, fundraising and financing change-making initiatives.

We aim to bring you insights that strengthen your organisations and help you launch new projects or boost the existing ones. The live format means that you can join the conversation and directly ask your questions to our guests.

We are glad to announce the launch of Season 1 of Fundraising Conversations!

The interviews will take place every third Wednesday at 12:30pm, starting on 19th Jan 2022.

Wed 19/01/2022, 12:30pm
“The power of re-granting in combating the global climate crisis”
Interview with Elsa Özmen, Director for Strategic Partnerships at the European Climate Foundation

Through this interview, we will gain insights into the programming priorities of the European Climate Foundation and learn how it supports the fight against global warming through re-granting, capacity-building and forging partnerships.

Wed 09/02/2022, 12:30pm
“Cross-border philanthropy: opportunities, challenges and solutions.”
Interview with Ludwig Forrest, Head of International Philanthropy at the King Baudouin Foundation

In this interview, we will talk about what happens when philanthropic gifts cross borders. We will find out about the newly launched initiative called Myriad, an alliance for borderless giving, and what services it offers to donors and non-profit organisations.

Wed 02/03/2022, 12:30pm
“Crowdfunding: leveraging the power of the collective for driving positive change.”
Interview with Charlotte Brandsma, Managing Director at Growfunding

This interview will focus on crowdfunding as a fundraising tool. We will discover for what projects and initiatives it is worth considering and what conditions need to be in place to make a crowdfunding campaign a success.

Wed 23/03/2022, 12:30pm [Special episode]
“Money, shadow and activism: how can a psychological approach help activists be more effective, flourish and avoid burnout?”
Interview with Tim Malnick, organisational psychologist and founder of Different Space

In this conversation, we will discover what internal conflicts around money are often experienced by individuals who are idealists, value-driven and engaged in change-making. We will also learn how we can work with these ‘shadows’ to support our well-being as activists and change-makers.

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