Recorded during the European Democracy Network Activists meeting in Budapest (05.10.2019), the keynote speech given by Péter Krekó from Political Capital focuses on the current political changes in Hungary, where free elections started to be described as unfair and because of the regular improprieties in the governmental institutions. The Freedom House report classified Hungary as partly free country (for the first time in history of the EU it happened to one of the full member states). The use of combination of ideologies and manipulating techniques led to the illiberal outbreak which the governing politicians and the dependent/state-owned media use to conduct severe personal and organizational attacks on Hungarian NGOs, being labeled as “Soros Army”. Because of the centralized, right wing Hungarian media empire with links to Fidesz, the pro-government and pro-Kremlin news spread together with fake news and conspiracy theories promoted by troll army depicting NGOs in Hungary as supporters of “terrorists” and “smugglers”.

Listen to the podcast here