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At a turning point for Europe, and when seems to be little to celebrate on Europe Day, we decide to take the courageous, and perhaps crazy decision, of organising Citizens Take Over Europe, a citizen participation action starting on the 9th of May, to send out a message of hope and togetherness, and to stand up for democracy.

We are a group of civil society organisations from across Europe calling on others to join an unprecedented common effort to take democracy in Europe forward. While our leaders struggle to find a common solution in the EU, we take our own responsibility to put citizens and residents at the centre of the conversation about the future of Europe. And not only that: we believe it is crucial for people in Europe to self-organise across borders to realise the Europe we want: a Europe that cares and is taken care of.

On the 9th of May we reclaim an open space to discuss current problems and co-develop solutions from a political, social and personal perspective. What are our concerns and our most urgent problems? What is the current meaning of crisis and what solutions can citizens propose and implement? How do we organize solidarity among Europeans and with the rest of the world?

We will bring people together across borders to share stories about how people are taking care of each other and trying to make things better right now – and using this as a blueprint for another Europe, a Europe that cares.

On the 9th of May we kick-off a process for a self-organised European Citizens’ Conference to take place over the coming 2 years, in which people can have their say about our present and future, and ensure that citizen and civil society participation is at the heart of all new initiatives for the future of Europe. We need to introduce a fundamental and bottom-up energy to reimagine our relation to Europe at a moment when top-down governance is threatening the idea of European solidarity and risks dividing our societies even further.

Our actions will be held together online and offline on a kick off day-long marathon taking place on the 9th of May across Europe and in different languages. The programme will include artistic performances, political debates, readings, and podcasts to be broadcasted through our partners’ channels.

The Citizens Take Over Europe coalition is a joint effort of a continuously expanding civil society alliance, currently consisting of:

Alliance4Europe, Another Europe is Possible, CIVICO Europa, Democracy International, European Alternatives, European Civic Forum, European Democracy Lab, European Women Alliance, EUmans, Eurotopia, Mehr Demokratie, New Europeans, The ECI Campaign, The Good Lobby.

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Our call to action is available here.

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