What do you want to achieve with this project?

Applications to be the next European Youth Capital 2024 are now open! 

Do you think your city has what it takes?

Each year, a new European city is given the chance to showcase its innovative ideas, projects and activities that aim to raise up young voices and bring a new youth perspective to all aspects of city life.

The European Youth Capital title will be awarded for the sixteenth time for 2024, having first been awarded to Rotterdam in 2009.

Why should a municipality apply to be the next European Youth Capital?

The European Youth Capital creates a positive impact in many areas:

  • Opens up new opportunities
  • Brings positive change
  • Encourages active participation
  • Promotes volunteering
  • Fosters European identity
  • Champions diversity and inclusion
  • Strengthens youth organisations
  • Boosts Investment in youth
  • Amplifies ones voice in Europe
  • Turns one into an international meeting point
  • Connects young people
What are the details of the project?

How to apply?  Find all the information here: