What do you want to achieve with this project?

Here in Europe, cross-border freedom of movement has given us freedom, adventure, educational opportunities and economic opportunities.

EU citizens who have chosen to live in other Member States are an important part of our communities and, like everyone else, work hard to support their families and their neighborhoods, even when things get tough.

For many mobile EU citizens, however, freedom of movement is not working as smoothly as we would like it to.

Families face legal and administrative challenges when applying for residence documents, gaining access to health care, social benefits or the labor market, or trying to get involved in politics.

Every year we collect thousands of complaints and testimonials from mobile EU citizens who tell us about their struggles for the rights they are entitled to.

Together with a coalition of non-governmental organizations, we are working to make the rules fairer and more predictable.

There are almost 4.5 million EU citizens who have chosen Germany as their new home and almost 760 thousand Germans who live and work in other EU countries. They all deserve to have their rights recognized.

To protect the stability and dignity of our communities, more clarity and predictability is needed in these regulations.

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