What do you want to achieve with this project?
  • Let the citizens throughout Europe determine the future of our continent!
  • Trust us citizens, so that we can trust Europe and transform it bottom-up!
  • We convert frustrated citizens into convinced, enthusiastic, empowered Europeans!

Our New Europe is looking for European partners willing to campaign for a new, democratic Europe of the citizens, with and for the citizens, by convincing millions of citizens throughout Europe to vote and fight for such a Europe.

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Citizens for Europe are civil society actors supporting each other to create a more participatory democratic Europe”!

As a member of Citizens for Europe, you are kindly invited to strengthen democracy and citizens’ participation in Europe, using your contacts, networks, media and social media to mobilize citizens throughout Europe on Our New Europe – to create a strong, sustainable, prospering new Europe that shines in the world for democracy and peace, freedom, human rights and human dignity!

Start now! – Trigger a viral campaign for our new Europe on!

What are the details of the project?

Viral-democratic Manifesto for our new Europe:
Democrats throughout Europe, unite!

(1) Viral revolt online: After the Corona lockdown top-down, we shall unleash across Europe, incl. “Brussels”, our invincible democracy virus, so that millions of apprehesive citizens will unconditionally demand a new, prosperous and sustainable, diverse and democratic Europe for us citizens!

(2) Europe’s reset with referenda bottom-up – with our army of millions of dedicated Europeans, always ready to fight:

  1. We shall exclusively elect members of our national and of the European Parliament willing to create our new Europe without delay, together with us – and to invite all European countries to participate at…
  2. Our 1st pan-european referendum, in which we citizens shall determine our country’s role in Europe: Politically integrated or voluntarily associated!
  3. We shall have the last word on all important matters in Europe, by means of referenda, e.g.: on the European Constitution, international agreements, new member states, Ukraine/Russia/Belarus, refugees, Euro/EU taxes, Corona, climate change!

(3) You matter: Choose your Europe and multiply your vote now on! – Launch with at least 2 friends a huge viral campaign in your country for our new Europe, which, if all voters also act resolutely within one day – will become a reality at record time, democratically – to the benefit of all European countries and peoples!

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • campaign online
  • Citizen Participation
  • Climate change
  • freedom
  • human rights
  • Immigration
  • Peace
  • Regional policies
  • Social Innovation