What do you want to achieve with this project?

Let Europeans determine the future of Europe!

Our New Europe is a democratic test of democracy in Europe that opens a democratic path toward a democratic Europe – with the citizens and for the citizens throughout Europe!

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

Citizens for Europe are civil society actors supporting each other to create a participatory and democratic Europe”uniquely qualified and kindly invited to help promoting democracy, peace, sustainability and prosperity in Europe on

What are the details of the project?

Our New Europe is calling on all Europeans – in a democratic manifesto – to create a new, diverse, democratic Europe of the 21st century – in 3 steps:

  1. We are launching a large public debate on Europe’s future. All citizens in Europe are invited to vote for their Europe and to mobilize, each one, at least 2 friends, without delay, so that after a few weeks, we shall be demanding unmistakably –  in a huge, viral-exponentially growing choir of millions of voices – a new democratic Europe and the right to vote for us all – throughout Europe – also in “Brussels”!
  2. In order to prevent the Union’s collapse, the EU and politicians throughout Europe cannot but give in by initiating immeditely and resolutely the creation of a flexible, cooperating and prosperous new Europe for and with us citizens!
  3. We – an ever growing army of many millions of committed citizens throughout Europe, that can easily be mobilized online any time – shall permanently guarantee with constantly threatening pan-European referenda, that our new Europe – our peace project and our community of European values – will become a reality, democratically, with and for us citizens, within a few years, and that it will then continue to prosper and develop successfully for the benefit of all European countries and peoples, for democracy and peace throughout the world!

Millions of convinced Europeans can do it – together – with referenda, dedication, enthusiasm, tolerance and self-confidence!

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • campaign online
  • Citizen Participation
  • Climate change
  • democracy
  • Democracy and Participation
  • human rights
  • Immigration
  • participation
  • Peace
  • Regional policies
  • Social Innovation