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To European governments, parliaments and EU institutions

We call on you to tackle the life-threatening climate crisis. We do not want public money spent on fossil gas projects! We ask you to exclude fossil fuel projects from all EU investments.

This includes projects supporting fossil gas through the back-door, i.e. fossil-based hydrogen and “decarbonized” or “low carbon” gas which is made from fossil gas.

We demand that EU money is instead invested in renewable energy, so we can build a resilient, green and just energy system for everyone.

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We know that if we want a shot at saving our planet, we need to leave fossil fuels behind. And right now we have a golden opportunity to do just that.

The European Commission has just said fossil gas should not be receiving billions in European funding. But for this to happen, we need three key Members of the European Parliament to agree. But The problem is, the gas industry has just played all the tricks in the book to impact their decision. And time is running out.

We only have until Monday before they will fix their position on funding fossil gas projects – or not.

The decision will shape our energy supply for decades to come. Our partners are setting up emergency meetings in Parliament to make the case for ending fossil gas funding. But their case would be so much stronger if they were backed by hundreds of thousands of people from across the continent.

Only by coming together can we outbalance the gas industry that has been lobbying our EU leaders. Will you join us?

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