#EP2019 elections & beyond

All over Europe projects in connection to the European Parliament elections 2019 are being implemented by the CFEU community. If you want to know more about successful projects, follow the links below and read more about the organizations on the respective profile pages.

Project implementation by CFEU Grantees

We follow up on the development of the #EP2019 projects on social media as well as in our [Community Updates] and further develop support wherever possible. Here’s a quick overview:

This time your vote counts – Campaigns for the #EP2019 and photo project
Zeitgeist SharITY e.V. (Ludwigshafen, Germany)

A network of pro-European civil society organisations working towards building the European project – #EP2019
Eurocitoyens (Paris, France)

EUrologus – the Hungarian EU source feeding informed debate
EUrologus (Budapest, Hungary)

New European dialogue tool breaking up political and national filterbubbles is live now!
Diskutier mit mir e.V. (Berlin, Grmany)

Project “Feeling Europe”
Sapere Aude (Vienna, Austria)

Know who you are voting for #EP2019
Human Rights Institute (Bratislava, Slovakia)

ACTION MAY: Join us in transnational actions ahead of the EP elections!
European Alternatives (Berlin, Germany)

European Democracy Festival
VozEU (Ferrol, Spain)

Self-advocator team #EP2019
Greek Forum of Refugees (Athens, Greece)

VOTE! TOGETHER! Happening for Citizens PRAHA
Quip, z. ú. (Praha, Czech Republic)

Wir Wählen! Symbolic Elections
Wahlkreis 100% (Freiburg, Germany)

The Rift
Le Drenche (Paris, France)

The challenges we face as a community of civil society actors for a more participatory and democratic Europe are high and seeing the many good proposals we are confident that through long term cooperation we will achieve great things, together!