#EP2019 Support – Process & Results

In our last post, Citizens for Europe (CFEU) offered small-scale grants to increase the impact of campaigns in connection with the #EP2019 elections. Confronting the current challenges and threats to our European democracies, many civil society organisations are developing initiatives towards the forthcoming European elections and we want to thank all applicants for their initiative, the time and efforts they put into their campaigns!

Decision Making @CFEU

At Citizens for Europe we strive for diversity, access, and participation. This extends also to the decision making process itself. In order to make grant making in general more transparent and more democratic, we share not only the results, but also the process of decision making with you:

  1. Survey sent to the community to have an idea of the members’ projects plans for the EP elections, and how CFEU could support these. (September 2018)
  2. Based on the feedback from the community and the shared need for financial support, publication of a Call for proposals. (November 2018)
  3. First screening: Check formal eligibility criteria. Eligible projects were then presented to the Core Team.
  4. Second screening: The Core Team evaluated applications according to 4 criteria (see below).
  5. Deliberation and Final decision-making in an online meeting. (December 2018)
  6. Signature of the contracts with the beneficiaries (January 2019) and follow-up with all applicants on how to continue cooperation for the elections.


  • *Innovative = To what extent is the project innovative, original, different… This is to value initiatives that experiment with new methods
  • *Impactful = Considering the objective, the audience targeted, the budget invested… how impactful will the project be in regards to the objectives of the call?
  • *Strategic = Here we score the projects in regards to our long term strategy: is the topic very timely/relevant/not covered by CFEU?
  • *Complementary = With this section, we take a holistic view over our support. Is the project complementary to others from the call or in in our community in terms of diversity of topics, locations, types of organisations behind?

Supported Projects

All in all we received 45 applications. All applicants already got notified about the outcome of the process. Out of 45 applications, 13 campaigns/ organizations will be supported. The overall sum CFEU spends in this call for all projects is 65.000€.

#EP2019 and Beyond

Once implemented, you will be able to read more about the projects on the respective profile pages. We will follow up on the development of the #EP2019 projects on social media as well as in our [Community Updates] and further develop support wherever possible. The challenges we face as a community of civil society actors for a more participatory and democratic Europe are high and seeing the many good proposals we are confident that through long term cooperation we will achieve great things, together!